June 06, 2019

Got Breakage? Time To Change How You Tie Up Your Hair - Adore Beauty

Got Breakage? Time To Change How You Tie Up Your Hair - Adore Beauty

One of my friends recently asked the group if we wear our hair tied up when we sleep *cue horrified emoji*. To justify, she explained that she finds her hair gets oilier when she sleeps with it out, but her hair keeps breaking…


Why Does Sleeping With Your Hair Up Cause Breakage?

Using a regular hair tie can cause friction and tension on the hair, which especially on fragile, dry and damaged hair can cause extensive breakage.

You’ll usually notice this in the form of shorter or baby-like hairs around the crown (depending on howyou tie your hair up to sleep), or shorter hairs that stick up from the roots like flyaways.


What’s The Solution?

If you insist on wearing your hair up while you sleep, opt for a gentler option like the Shhh Silk Scrunchie. The softness of the silk reduces tension and pulling on the hair, meaning significantly less chance of breakage.

The best part about the Shhh Silk Scrunchie is that it keeps wild hair tangle-free throughout the night, it’s much more comfortable to wear while sleeping and it won’t leave kinks.

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The Reviews:

★★★★★ So good! – Bette

“I use this scrunchie constantly at home, if I have my hair done I can just lightly put it up and it doesn’t change the shape of my hair at all. Definitely worth the price tag, I’ve been looking for so long for something that can keep my hair out of my face without damaging it.”

★★★★★ Love! – S

“It’s an expensive scrunchie but the quality is worth it! Doesn’t pull or tug on your hair but stays put. I use this morning/night when I wash my face and do my skincare routine and even just around the house when I want my hair out of the way. Highly recommend!”

★★★★★ Luscious – Abby

“Yes this is expensive for just 1 scrunchie I do agree, BUT it is such nice quality, doesn’t rip your hair out, I use when I’m washing my face morning and night to pull my hair back and just when I’m going out and can’t be bothered doing my hair, very cute.”

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by Joanna Fleming - Adore Beauty