Care Instructions

How To Care For Your Silk Pillowcase?

Our range of pure silk pillowcases have been designed using high-grade 6A pure 22 momme silk fabric. This means that our silk pillowcases are machine-washable. It's easy to maintain the quality of your new silk pillowcase, just follow these simple steps:

  • turn your silk pillowcase inside out
  • do up the hidden zipper
  • place in a delicates wash bag or handy tip: place inside an old pillowcase
  • wash with similar colours
  • only use pH neutral liquid detergent (we offer The Laundress silk delicates wash) or a budget-friendly tip is to use regular shampoo to wash your silk, silk has the same protein as your hair.
  • if you've recently washed clothing using stain remover or bleach give your washing machine a cycle before placing your silk inside.
  • machine wash on a delicate cycle below 86°F or hand wash in cold water below 86°F
  • silk can be dry cleaned, fun fact: silk sleep masks regain their original shape after dry cleaning and it costs less than $5
  • no harsh chemicals or stain removers
  • iron or steam on low heat or silk setting or line dry out of direct sunlight
  • do not bleach and do not tumble dry

*Helpful Tips*

  • If you have tough stains on your silk pillowcase, pre-soak using denture tablets to remove stains.
  • Never use stain removers, bleach or harsh laundry powder on silk as this will cause the silk fabric to deteriorate or tear.
  • Cold wash is best with a silk friendly detergent or regular shampoo.