August 13, 2019

How to care for your hair (all while you sleep)

How to care for your hair (all while you sleep)

Just like your mind, body and skin, your hair also uses sleep time to restore itself. While you may not realise it, all the tossing and turning and other strange activities you do in your sleep can actually damage your hair. There are, however, a few simple steps you can take to keep your luscious locks healthy while you sleep.

Invest in your hair, it's a crown you never take off - Tyler Buckley.

Brush your hair before bed

While this may seem a little obvious, it’s a simple step that often gets forgotten. Going to sleep with knotty hair is like putting a fire out with gas. As you naturally move through the night, it’s inevitable that hair will get somewhat knotty. It’s better brush your hair before you sleep and start knot-free instead of building into a tangled messed. Apart from detangling, brushing also helps to distribute natural oils down each strand of hair. A Boar Bristle Hair brush is a great option for maintaining healthy hair, but it’s also important to know which type of hair brush is suitable for you.

Use a silk scrunchie

While it’s often thought that sleeping with your hair tied up will damage your hair, this is not necessarily the case. Using a rubber or elastic hair tie, can cause friction and break the cuticle layer of the hair. Instead, opt for a silk scrunchie, which won’t tug at your hair, and tie it in a low or loose ponytail. Having your hair tied up will reduce knotting due to being kept in place – not to mention you won’t wake up with a mouth full of hair!

Dry your hair before going to sleep

Hair is most vulnerable and fragile when its wet. While I too am guilting of lazily sleeping with wet hair, repeatedly doing this will cause damage and breakage. Try and switch up your routine by washing your hair a few hours earlier. It may be a little inconvenient at the time, but your hair will thank you in the long run. Another helpful tip is to use a shower comb over a brush when your hair is wet to prevent breakage.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

You might be asking yourself; do I need a silk pillowcase? The answer is yes!. Unlike other materials which tug at your hair while your sleep, silk allows your hair to glide across the pillow throughout the night. This means a silk pillowcase reduce less breakage and spilt ends, as well as ensuring that you won’t wake up in a knotted mess. Silk pillowcases are also great for maintaining a blow wave, ensuring you roll out of bed every morning like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

­­Sleep Bonnet

Just like a silk pillowcase, a silk sleep bonnet is a great way to keep all your hair in place while your sleep and prevent knots. No matter how much you wriggle throughout the night, your hair is in safe hands with a silk bonnet.


Enjoy your beauty sleep xoxo