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It is too big.

Self-Made Book
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)
An amazing insight in detail, on how to start a business

Such a great read, very detailed, raw, open. Sharing kindness this way of helping and writing this book, on how others to avoid mistakes but learning through mistakes too. Life is a journey, but by sharing information, it makes the biggest step in a small business journey easier and by not feeling alone. This book is your forever companion to succeed, however succession looks for you. Remember, to have fun.

$1 Lucky Dip - Limited Stock

4 of the same item? 😫

$1 Lucky Dip - Limited Stock

Very misleading. Will not purchase from this store again.

I placed my order on September 10th and received it November 21st. If I had known it was going to take 11 weeks I would have never ordered it. I won’t be ever ordering again.

Grey Silk Pillowcase - Queen Size - Zippered
maria grazia Baiguini (Sangiano, IT)
Cannot do without the silk pillow

I bought in the last year at least 4 pairs of silk pillow cases . Very happy. I’m using now a pair here in Italy and I’m very satisfied with the silk mulberry quality

5 Pack Reusable Bamboo Face Rounds
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)
The perfect soft touch

I love the texture, its soft, and the right size

Night shift worker so use this often and it’s great, lovely and soft, blocks out light, nice on my lashes

Love these silk pillows, have been given satin pillow cases, definitely prefer my shhh silk ones, beautiful to sleep on

2 Charcoal Silk Pillowcases - Queen Size - Zippered

Love my silk pillow cases, just a beautiful sleep with them, improvement in my hair and skin too, feels luxurious

Black Silk Lined Hoodie
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)

My sister loves her hoodie, for evening walks, comfy, warm.

Pink Silk Sleep Mask
Debbie Suey (Brisbane, AU)
It’s like tucking in your eyes for bed..the best

Absolutely love my mask. It’s just like tucking in your eyes in bed for an amazing sleep. Can’t live without my mask. Best sleep ever!!!!


Offline Sleep Mask

Just beautiful

Black Silk Sleep Mask
Adriana Fernandez (Sydney, AU)
5 star

Absolutely love my silk mask it feel’s beautiful on certainly not restrictive and literally will not fall asleep without it


I love the quality of silk, the feel and the ease in which I can do my hair when I wake up! I seem to have less sleep lines that need to plump back out once I wake up.

Love my doll scrunchies! Perfect for holding my thick, long hair. Good amount of stretch.

Very generous sizing. Holds all my hair well. Lovely and soft silk that keeps frizz at bay.

In the Pink

Bought these pillowcases for my mum's birthday .
She loves them - the colour, the feel, even commented on the smooth zipper.

2 Sky Blue Silk Pillowcases - King Size - Zippered

Great price point for a silk pillowcase. Return customer to ShhhSilk. Love the quality of their products.

Well made, good quality

Black Luxe Single Side Silk / Single Side Bamboo - Queen Size - Zippered
Sheridan Mcconnell (Melbourne, AU)

With my hair loving silk but my brain is sick of constantly waking up to chase my pillow around the bed. This pillowcase has saved both my hair and my sanity. Love it, no more chasing my pillow around the bed and no more having to settle for cotton so I get a decent nights sleep. Thanks Shhh Silk.

Black Silk Lined Hoodie
Graham (Melbourne, AU)

Comfortable, warm and smooth silky feel in the hood.