October 11, 2021

Is a silk sleep mask worth it?

Dreaming silk sleep mask

Written by Amanda Cummerford. Amanda is a 30 year old mum, wife, beauty influencer, content creator, and writer that shares her experiences with perioral dermatitis, dry and sensitive skincare and glowy makeup. @amandascuteface

I wasn’t sure I would enjoy wearing a Silk Sleep Mask because I had so many preconceived expectations.

I thought it would not be able to block out all the light from my husband watching TV next to me, but it did.

I thought it would not fit my head and hair comfortably, but it did.

I thought it would not stay on overnight because I roll around like crazy and sleep face down, but it did.

I thought it would not stay cool enough for my sweaty face, but it did.

I thought it would not play well with my evening skincare routine products, but it did.

I thought it would not let me wake up glowing and crease free, but it did.

I thought I wouldn’t like the experience, but I did.

I was so surprised at how much I loved wearing a silk sleep mask, but I do!

The Dreaming Mauve Silk Sleep Mask is made from luxurious 100% pure 22 momme high-grade 6A mulberry silk, and is also filled with pure silk, unlike other sleep masks that are padded with polyester that leave you feeling hot and sweaty.  Additionally, if you wear eyelash extensions the silk helps them to stay in place and not rub against your pillow.

This eye mask feels soft and oversized so is truly a luxurious sleeping experience, and perfect if you prefer all light to be blocked out. It comes in a beautiful box so would also be thoughtful gift to give and for $55 I think this is a cute and luxurious way to sleep every night.