June 06, 2019

Who Knew A Shower Cap Could Be Such A Good Investment? - Adore Beauty

Who Knew A Shower Cap Could Be Such A Good Investment? - Adore Beauty

Don’t you hate when you go to the hairdresser, get an amazing blow wave, then as soon as you have a shower that night, it goes flat and limp? As someone with fine hair that already struggles to hold a style, adding steam into the equation does me no favours.

That’s where Shhh Silk’s Shower Cap comes in. I never thought I’d need a silk-lined shower cap but here we are.

Tell Me More:

They’re the queens of silk pillowcases and eye masks, so if I’m gonna trust anyone with silky hair solutions, it’s Shhh Silk. Now, you might be thinking ‘why would I pay $59 for a shower cap when I can get a $2 one at Kmart?’ and that’s a very valid question – why would you?

– This shower cap helps to reduce the effect of steam & humidity on the hair

– The Mulberry silk-lined design keeps the hair smooth, frizz-free & non-static

– Can help to preserve hair styles for longer

– Silk naturally regulates temperature inside the cap (compared to other fabrics)

– The outer is water-resistant & has a soft touch elasticated opening

– The sizing is generous enough to be able to tie your hair up inside

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Why Is Silk Good For Your Hair?

If you’re late to the silk party, you may be interested to know why Gisele Bundchen, Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian West all choose to rack up their beauty sleep on this fabric instead of cotton – and why it makes sense for your shower cap to be lined with it.

1. The softness of the silk allows your hair to glide across your pillow during the night, helping to reduce pulling and breakage.

2. It can also prolong the style of your hair, especially a blow wave, and controls ‘bed hair’. In my case, I find my hair doesn’t get oily as quickly, too.

3. The material is super gentle on lashes as well, whether they’re extensions or your natural lashes, sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to prevent friction that causes lashes to fall out.

★★★★★ Game changer – Tamara

“My hair isn’t super oily so I can get away with a few days without washing. Unfortunately though, I find my hair goes super frizzy if I shower without a cap. I LOVE this shower cap – not only is it made to last, but the silk inside also protects my hair from going frizzy so it’s still perfectly in place when I step out of the shower. This cap is well worth the investment, and it’s much better than those yucky plastic ones you steal from hotels (which will end up in landfill!)” 

by Joanna Fleming - Adore Beauty

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